Friday, July 31, 2009

A Snack

I've been gone for about a week... time to get back to work!

Toast and Bruschetta

I made myself a snack of toast with feta cheese on it and Trader Joe's bruschetta. As simple as it gets - and I kept the lighting as simple as well. One light, shot through an umbrella to the left of the subject, with a reflector placed just to the right of the subject to provide some fill light.

I used a white plate and white background to keep the feeling of the image light and bright - this is a summer snack after all!

Toast and Bruschetta Lighting

I got the lighting I wanted right away, but I played around with adding or leaving out the spoon. To date, I haven't included a lot of 'props' in my images, but it's pretty much the standard to have silverware, napkin and glass in each food shot. I'll continue to play with this.

A few other images that I liked:

Toast and Bruschetta

Toast and Bruschetta

Lessons Learned
  • Simple lighting is simple - and often works best
  • Color contrasts are important to capture interest - the red really works here
  • The focus point should be where the eye is drawn first - in this case, the red sauce

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