Sunday, August 16, 2009

Food Nuts

I admit it, my wife and I are food nuts.

Case in point: I recently discovered a Barnes and Noble gift certificate Jhan got me for my birthday and had never used. So yesterday (after shopping for nice dishes for this blog), we traipsed over to the local B&N. First stop: the bargain cookbook aisle - me for food pictures, my wife for actual cookbooks.

The first thing that caught my eye was a thick tome titled Culinaria France. The first thing that caught Jhan's eye was similarly thick tome titled Culinaria Spain. It didn't take us long to discover Culinaria Italy lurking on the shelves as well (alas, no Culinaria Greece that we could see - though Amazon has it).

Culinaria Spain, Italy, and France

We spent the next 45 minutes engrossed in these books - each a region by region exploration of each country's cuisine, complete with detailed break downs of regional wines, cheeses, breads, seafoods, etc., as well as a plethora of recipes and interesting food bits (The easiest way to tenderize octopus? Leave it in the freezer for three days.).

The best part? Each 500 page book was $14.98!

We never made it past the bargain aisle. With our B&N discount and my $30 gift certificate, we waltzed out of the store with all three books for less than $14. Score!

We're pathetic.

Culinaria Spain, Italy, and France

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