Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Whither this Blog

I'm still trying to figure out what this blog is really about. Is it about me learning lighting for food photography? If so, it won't last long, since I feel like I'm learning more every day. Food lighting isn't really all that complicated, sad to say.

Is it about chronicling everything that I'm going to eat over the next year? That could get a bit boring unless my wife decides to tackle the Betty Crocker Cookbook al a Julie Powell.

Speaking of which, my wife and I are really looking foward to seeing Julie and Julia - my wife because it's a chick flick; me because I hope it will help inspire me in this blog.

I read a small bit of Julie Powell's original Julie/Julia Project blog, and I notice that she doesn't shy away from conflating food and sex (don't we all?). I doubt that would work for this blog, though I'm sure that photos of naked women slathered in food would attract beau coup pageviews. I can see me trying to convince my wife to pour blackberry syrup on some nekked 20 year old model. Yes, I can see that all too well.

Anyway, back to reality.

I'm kind of hoping that this blog will turn into a truly cooperative enterprise between my wife and I. She loves to cook; I love to photograph. This could be major learning experience for both of us. And of course, since cooking and photography are our respective passions, there's always the hope, once again al a Julie and Julia, that we may one day be able to turn our passions into our vocations.

So this blog is definitely going to evolve. We've been talking a lot about food lately, and I think this blog will evolve as we do, so stay tuned (all three of you who read this blog).

Tomorrow will be a meal inspired by Melissa d'Arabian's final meal on the Next Food Network Star - dredged chicken with potatoes au gratin (yeah, we're major foodies).

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